Christopher Ciollaro

UMass Amherst 2015
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Many of the projects below are in an unfinished state. If you want to collaborate with me on any of them send me an email or a pull request - it would be much appreciated!

Link Memory Game

A browser game for learning the japanese alphabet!

Github Grid

Fill in those annoying github gaps with artwork and text! Includes a nice paint-like interface.

Git Prefix (Beefdad)

Spice up your git commits by forcing the git hash to begin with a certain prefix

Brainy IDE

Beautiful Brainf*ck interpreter and editor in your browser.


Play minesweeper with a friend. It's a race to finish first!


Chat with people who are near you according to geolocation

UMass Delivery Catalog

An Android app with all of the delivery places around UMass and all the info you need to get your food!

P2P Term Chat

Chat with your friends from your terminal! Uses UDP holepunching to create a P2P connection with your pal.

Interactive AES

Have you ever wondered how AES works? This web app will show you step by step how the AES algorithm produces keys and encrypts your data!